I am enough

last night as I lay in bed, i was reflecting on some people in my life. colleagues. mentors. friends. close relationships. strangers. and i started to feel down. started to feel like I couldn’t compete. started to spin with the thought … “what have I done? … how do i compare? … am I enough?”

so i pulled out my journal and i began to write. because even though my head tells me that i am enough … my ego was getting in my way.

I. Am. Enough." Manifestation Tattoo– Conscious Ink

i am smart enough

i am complete enough

i am fun enough

i am enjoyable enough

i am patient enough

i am outgoing enough

i cook enough

i am resourceful enough

i am courageous enough

i am generous enough

i am curious enough

i am vulnerable enough

i am complete enough

i am tenacious enough

i am witty enough

i am loving enough

i am kind enough

I am enough.

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Living Your Potential

It’s an interesting phenomenon that we can see the potential in others more clearly than they can see in themselves.  And the same goes with how difficult it is to see our own potential and a clear path to our goals and ambitions.

I’ve learned that I’m not going to change this, even though it doesn’t make any sense to my rational brain. But I trust that the Universe has a reason for making it easier to see the potential in others than it is to see it in ourselves.

Therefore the only option is to embrace the challenge and succeed anyway!

there is no man living

Here is what I’m learning about how people are achieving greater levels of success and reaching a higher level of potential.

Set a long term plan

A wise man and mentor referred me to an inspiring and famous quote which says that  we tend to overestimate what we can do in one year but underestimate what we can accomplish in 5, 10 or 20 years. I’ll provide the Bill Gates quote since he’s a tech icon I admire.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

For the first time I created a 5 year plan versus my typical “one year resolution” list of 47 items that I wanted to accomplish in 12 months. It’s already made a huge difference in the way I approach life and has reduced my stress level tremendously.  Last year at this time I would have been freaking out and I would be telling myself — “it’s practically February – one month has almost vanished before my eyes!! — I am no where near accomplishing my long list of goals.”  For more reading on this check out Founderpedia post.

But .. because I have a five-year plan, I’m not freaking out at all. I’ve already accomplished a few things and if I take the long view, then I’m well on my way and feel confident that success is in my future.  Which leads me to …

Celebrate the small wins

We achieve lots of things on a daily basis, but because we’re so focused on accomplishing something big, we erroneously skip over the confidence boost and validation by not celebrating our achievements. Each win doesn’t require a grand stand and parade, but even a short discussion with yourself saying “I did that!” or “What a wonderful accomplishment towards my bigger goal” will increase your mood and give you energy as you tackle the rest of the day, year, decade.

Give. And then give more 

I’m consistently receiving signs these days that in order to increase our happiness and to help us be successful, we need to give. And it’s critical to give when we feel down and least feel like we can, or have, the capacity to give.

Giving doesn’t have to be monetary. It could be as simple as a compliment. And even if you’re a giver … you will be surprised how giving more will unlock the inspiration needed to tackle what seems like an insurmountable task.

Research reported in Adam Grant’s book “Give and Take” (which I highly recommend) shows that giving in chunks (ie: focused giving in a short period of time) versus giving in sprinkles (ie: one small act a day for a week), provides greater satisfaction and a feeling of happiness. And when we are happy, we know that we tend to be more motivated and therefore have a greater chance of working towards our goals and true potential.


Finding happiness 

Happiness isn’t always derived from the work we do or even the goals we’re trying to accomplish. Often finding happiness elsewhere (in an activity we enjoy; spending time with people that inspire us; volunteering with something you care about) can provide you with the happiness that will give you the motivation and push you to dig deeper and reach higher so you can truly unlock your potential.

… and on a personal note, just writing this blog today is a huge win for me that I’m going to celebrate with a delicious Chai Latte and a mini “woot woot” as I hit “publish”. 🙂



The other day I heard an important distinction between the meaning of community and the definition of a network.


A network is a group of interconnected people … which I completely relate to because I have personally built a business by building my network.

A community is a feeling of fellowship of others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

The distinction between the two got me thinking about what community is … and the community that I have fostered … versus the networks I have built.

And then it dawned on me.  The reason why I have been experiencing a sense of loss and loneliness in my life. It is because I haven’t nurtured enough community, at a time when I think I needed it the most.

There are things we do that help foster community.

Being in a relationship … having a family … a partnership of some kind …

These all lend themselves to shared interests and common goals.

When we have a belief in something, or a strong passion, be it a spiritual belief in God or some passion for say a certain sport or the arts and culture, we have an easier time building connection.  We form relationships where we rely on others and over time, feel confident that no matter what, we are going to be there for each other … be it to pray with … cheer with … create with … or commiserate with.


Being a solo entrepreneur can make it difficult to build or keep up within a community. We focus most of our time on our company.  We make decisions to prioritize growing the business over, sometimes, almost everything else.  And we can often seclude ourselves from places of deep connectivity citing a lack of time, energy or a whole host of other reasons, valid or not.

But the cost of disconnection can be great.

It’s almost like we find our own little hole and keep digging ourselves towards the opposite direction of community and support, even though I think we realize it’s exactly what we need to thrive.  We need community and that sense of support to keep our heart and soul alive – so it can fuel our imagination, our passions, and yes, ultimately our business.

We all have a lot to offer to a community, in addition to what we will gain from being a part of one.  But like anything else in life, it starts with taking a step forward in the direction we want to go.  And we don’t know what might stick, so we can’t be scared to go down a few paths to find the right one for us.

Be it for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.  Finding a community, or two or five, feels like a good use of our time.

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Special thanks to my new community #MC and my old #creativeNZ match for the inspiration.

Chick Flicks

I have a friend who doesn’t like chick flicks. Granted, my friend is a guy and I feel like chick flicks are better understood by women anyway, but still, I get where he’s coming from. His rational is that they give false hope and aren’t based in reality.

But wait, isn’t that the point?!

The sole reason I love chick flicks is because of that exact point. I know that they are fantasy. I know they give us the sad story so that there is a happy ending. And because it’s a chick flick, there is always a happy ending.

While I know that the chances of Mr. Right bumping into me on the street isn’t high. And that going from rags to riches is a long road full of hard work and a lot of luck. But I do believe in miracles and a good chick flick makes me feel renewed. Like I can accomplish anything.

It inspires me to put pen to paper.  To smile a little wider. To take a moment to appreciate life’s simple pleasures like sunshine and dinner with friends. And it makes me plan. Because I believe that life happens with a plan. And a little faith.

So – for me, it doesn’t matter if the film is not based on reality and has no hope in hell to happen like that for me. At least, for a little while, I’m on cloud nine and I feel like reaching for the stars. And in all likelihood, I’ll get farther because of the inspiration I felt and the determination that followed. And for me – that’s more than enough.

My Friday night inspiration …


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Day 14: Creating Success

A sales coach recently recommended the book Creating Money and I’ve now given it to two other people and recommended it to many others.

I don’t know if anyone is listening to my recommendation, or reading it for those that I gifted it to, but I highly recommend it for one simple reason — it makes you realize what you’re needing the most.

Years ago — gosh, well over a decade now — I think it was Citibank that had advertisements on buses around San Francisco that read …

There is a point to life, and no, it’s not the decimal.

I always LOVED that advertisement.

Money is likely going to always be a part of whatever it is we strive for – be it a vacation, a nice home, things that make us feel pretty — or sexy or — simply bring us a smile, or taking care of family and loved ones.

But the book asks you to get clear about what is lacking in your life, and then challenges you to see if you can achieve your goal with what you already have.

And what was surprising to me was that after I did the exercise, I actually felt I could. And that what I was trying to accomplish, felt easily attainable by simply adjusting what I was focusing on.

It made me realize that I could experience what I was looking for with the many things that exist around me today — or with small adjustments to how I look at things or what I have.

The book is worth a read because now is a good time to not only be grateful for what we have, but reset how we look at success for the year ahead.

And if you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear them!

Day 13: The Art of the Vacation

Today we wrapped up my Canadian Women’s Network 2nd cohort program. I’m grateful for everyone that participated and gave of their time and expertise, and I’m humbled by the women that joined me for four days in the Valley — thank you.

One big take away from the week came yesterday when one of the roundtable mentors asked the group “Do you take structured time off”?

And the dialogue that followed was hilarious …

Founders: Like, how do you mean?

Mentor: As in a vacation.

Founders: Gasp! Laughter. Confusion.

Mentor: It helps you be more creative and productive.

Founders: Hum. … can you define, vacation?

Mentor:  Two to three weeks away.  From work.  Totally unplugged. No email. Let someone else on your team step up and show you they can lead when you’re not there. As in not working or checking in with the team.

… and we went ’round and ’round trying to understand what this concept meant and for a few of us (me included), we also tried to find justification for not taking a ‘vacation’ or somehow getting approval that a ‘weekend away’ or ‘checking emails in the mornings’ counted.

And it turns out, it doesn’t.

Now, not everyone struggles with this question, but for those of us that do, I invite you to dream about a vacation.  An actual 2-3 week time period where you unplug. Where would you go? What would bring you joy? Who on your team would lead while you’re away? Are they ready for the responsibility so that you can leave and feel like your business is in good hands? If not, how quickly can you prepare them?

When you allow yourself to dream, your body starts to physically feel different. It starts to relax. So not only should we all have an actual vacation in 2019, we should think about it often and reap the benefits of simply thinking about it and how it’s going to feel once we’re on it!


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Day 12: What’s Your Superpower

This morning’s roundtable, which was a part of my Canadian Women’s Network program, was about How Women Lead. And it was filled with a great number of thought provoking questions that I thought this one would be perfect for a writing topic.

what is your superpower boy.jpg

I write and talk about this often but it cannot be understated.

If it’s not something that you already know, then I invite you to ask yourself, what is your unique strength?

What do you do better than anyone else?  Where do you soar?

Perhaps it’s something that is effortless. Perhaps it’s something that you do and gain huge benefit from.

no one is you and that is your superpower

Here is a hint … It’s one thing that makes you stand out. It gives you an unfair advantage, except it’s completely fair because its your unique skill.

Today the group shared things like …. Sleep; Pulling together a meal for 10 people when you only have enough for two. Networking. Bringing people together.

The other day I listened to a successful founder talk about the 50+ books he reads each year, consistently. So your Superpower could be … Being insatiably curious.

your intuition is your superpower.png

If nothing comes to mind then this is the perfect place to start thinking and doing some writing.

And have some fun with it too!

What’s Your Superpower?


i make wine disappear superpower


Day 11: If You Couldn’t Fail

Last night I kicked off the 2nd Cohort in a program I launched earlier this year. It helps  Canadian women leaders build a relevant network in Silicon Valley and grow their business.

Now what is super cool about this is the fact that 40 companies applied and nine ended up joining me for 3.5 days in Silicon Valley.  Most didn’t even know me … Had no idea what the program was about!  But thankfully, through the network I’ve built, heard something that resonated and decided to take a leap of faith – and a significant amount of time out of their personal and startup life to join me.

Day two was a fabulous reminder of the seeds we plant and where things can grow to.

Having grown up on a farm, my father would go out in the spring and plant various kinds of seeds on many plots of land — all with the “hope” that the rain would come to water it, and the sun would bring it to life, and that enough time would pass before the snow would fall so he could harvest and not only enjoy the fruits of his labor, but quite literally be able to afford the next year for his family (which included me!).

A year ago I planted the seed of my initiative I call the Canadian Women’s Network. I designed it to support women in tech in Canada gain access to Silicon Valley to grow their business and drive economic value back to Canada.

I didn’t know if it would be successful. Heck, even though day 2 of program #2 kicked off great, I can’t be 100% sure of its future success.

But what I did witness is something coming to life and impacting people who otherwise might not have access to this kind of opportunity at this early stage in their company’s growth.

I hope to only grow this program and drive deeper impact into a world I care about very deeply.  What ultimately results from it all will, of course, be determined over time.

But it speaks volumes to listening to one’s inner intuition and sometimes simply starting.

You might not know where it is going to lead … Heck, I promise you that you won’t.  But if you can embrace the journey (as hard as the unknown is) … then I do believe you’ll go to bed with a smile on your face and a warmth in your heart that is unlike any job you had or gift you’ve been given.

IMG_0081 2

Fall 2018 Cohort, Canadian Women’s Network You ladies rock! #FutureWorldLeaders

Day 10: Doing it all

I have a passion problem. And a giving problem.  And truth be told, if I am being really honest — with myself — I have a focus problem.

When a friend asked me what part of my business I would focus on, if I could only choose one area …. I was literally without words.  Instead I’m like the little boy in the movie “Up” … SQUIRREL!!!.

I LOVE the art of new.

New ideas … new possibilities … new beginnings … new creations … new partnerships. You name it, and I love getting involved in new things!

And so, over the last few years … I have created a few new things.

When I talked with a mentor of mine about the dilemma of being unfocused, she graciously said “it’s not that you’re unfocused – it’s that you’ve created 7 different businesses”.

And as gracious as that is … it’s kinda the same thing as “squirrel!!”.

So it’s fitting that at this time of year, as I do my 2019 strategic planning for “me, myself and I” … that I think about the art of focus – and doing less.

So far this book asks a couple of great questions that I encourage you to consider … I am definitely using them for my daily writing.

  1. What do you feel deeply inspired by?
  2. What are you particularly talented at?
  3. What meets a significant need in the world?

I’m going to try to not overthink and probably look at #1 and #2 … because #3 does feel a little “world problem solving”.  I don’t think it’s meant to, but just the same, I know it will come with time.  For now, focusing on #1 and 2 is a great start.




Day 9: Living in Gratitude

It seems like no matter where I turn to these days, the answer always includes gratitude.

There are hundreds, or I’m sure thousands (maybe more), of books that have been written on the art and importance of gratitude.  And after decades of being an adult and reading (now listening) to many of them … I agree.

But writing or feeling grateful in a moment (especially when something has brought you down or you’re finding it hard to be positive at all) can be … well, incredibly hard.

But life is hard — so we must forge on.

And therefore in that moment, and for today’s writing topic … I want you to write three things you’re grateful for.  They don’t have to be long or complicated, deep or philosophical … they just have to be real for you in this moment.

You could be grateful for waking up today and feeling healthy.  For today being a Sunday. For the sunshine — or the rain. Or maybe you’re grateful because you made it to the end of the day.

Regardless — I believe acknowledging gratitude in the Universe is one of the best uses of our time. So I invite you to do this daily, if only to list three things.