A few years back I came across this idea about a Personal Board of Directors. I have run nonprofit organizations in the past and have sat on a few Boards over the years so I am familiar with the roles that board members play. I also know the amazing talent that they bring to help with the success of the organization. And this is a really great concept to apply to your personal life! Here is how:

Think about two categories:

1st Category – The people that you have in your life right now that add value or happiness. Like the hair dresser who always makes you feel like a princess when you leave her salon! Or the friend that you can count on to always pick up your kids from school if you’re running late. Create a list of other “rocks” that you have in your life right now.

2nd Category – The talents that you need or want to have in your life but they are missing at the moment. It could be a really great tax accountant because every year you freak out in January just thinking about April 15th. Or maybe it’s time for a new stylist or other beauty care specialist. Make a list of who or what is missing.

Now combine the two categories and list out who is already on your personal Board of Directors (but you might not have called them that until now), and who you can add in for the missing positions. Feel free to actually write out a list and keep it somewhere that you can refer back to from time to time – to either calm you down in a moment of crisis, or to change up or make additions or subtractions.

Depending upon what is going in your life, your personal Board will look different for everyone. If you’re a working mom you’ll have friends, family and other parents that make up the village it takes to raise a family. If you’re single then you will want people surrounding you that help create the life experiences that you’re interested in at this time. Here are some of the roles that I have had, or have currently, on my personal Board of Directors to give you some food for thought.

Running Friend and Running Group – Because I’m a big runner I am blessed to have a group of friends with whom I can catch a run with almost any day of the week. Some of the people within the group I know I can personally count on for a 20-mile training run or to cheer me on at the finish line. This group of friends are my rock more often than not.

Best Friend – Of course we all need someone that will answer our phone call whether it is 12 pm or 2 am … that friend that will always listen, never judge and tell you “this too shall pass”. She/he might also be the one that will meet you out for a glass of wine or shot of tequila when it’s been “one of those kind of days”. This person is critical to my sanity, and thankfully I do have a few of them.

Accountant – Even though I am an Accountant by education and hold a CMA designation, I still need and want the advice of someone who is practicing it on a daily basis. Yes I have to pay him a few hundred dollars for filling in forms that I could do myself – but he calms my nerves just knowing that he’s doing it correctly and my job is only to provide him with the details – he’ll take care of the rest. That is priceless for me.

Beauty Peeps – While I am by no means a fashionista, or spend a tonne of time on the esthetics of myself, I do have a hair stylist and spoil myself with massages and facials and such on a somewhat regular basis. Someone told me once that we listen diligently to the “change oil” reminder on our cars and see our mechanic when needed yet we ignore all signs of taking care of ourselves. So I have my several people or places I go when I sense the proverbial “change oil” reminder coming on.

Mentor / Coach / Therapist – Some people consider it weak to work with a therapist, but personally I feel we ALL need a therapist of some form in our lives. So whatever advice you seek – be it a career mentor, life coach or good ole fashion therapist – I’ve had them surround me for decades now, and I trust that this role will always be filled on my own personal Board.

So who do you have? Who is missing? What or who do you need in your life right now to calm you down, inspire you, or give you a good ole kick in the pants? Please share any creative roles that you’ve come up with or that work for you. And good luck with the recruitment for your own personal Board of Directors!