I’m not sure why finding the free Unstuck iPad App surprises me but I guess even with today’s rapid technological advances and interest in the latest flavors of things like SnapChat and Jelly … finding an App that “helps” you just sort of blew my mind.

Unstuck (and I quote from their website) “is a new in-the-moment approach to personal growth for anyone who wants to live better every day. Combining personalized digital tools with tips and know-how from a community of other people facing stuck moments, Unstuck makes it easy to get on-demand coaching whenever you need it.”

Now isn’t that pretty cool?! Think about it … who HASN’T been “stuck” at some point in their life … helpless relationship, unfulfilling job, unhappy roommate, unreasonable requests from children …. So it’s perfect!

And I have to admit .. I tried it on for size, and it’s way cooler than I expected.

unstuck logoSo now .. when you’re like “err … can’t seem to ‘blank’ today” … reach for the Unstuck App and find a solution! … instead of fretting about the problem …