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Ever have someone that thinks you’re awesome?! Usually our parents fall into this category, but I want you to think about someone who isn’t related to you. And while a best friend might qualify, I’d like you to think even beyond them.

I’m talking about someone that does more than support you or encourage you, but they go out of their way to help you find success. They offer to make introductions, or talk about your talents when you’re not in the room, and they just generally think you’re so great that they want everyone else to know the same. What is even more spectacular is when you randomly meet someone and they take to you in a way that you know that they could fall into your fan category. It makes you blush and giggle inside with childhood excitement.

I call these fabulous people “Your Biggest Fans”.

I am a really big fan of yours

And so I would like you to think about how you can become someone’s biggest fan and here is why …

Having someone who isn’t related to you, or isn’t already connected in a deep way to you, stand on a proverbial mountain top to tell the world how great you are, is simply one of the best and most encouraging feelings that exist. It’s like having your very own superhero who helps you when you’re in need and guides you to success. And if you are someone’s biggest fan, then hopefully they will apply the Pay it Forward model, and be someone else’s biggest fan as well. And if that happens often enough, then I think we’ll have started a small movement to make the world a better, happier place.

If you have someone in your life today that is your biggest fan, I encourage you to offer a random act of kindness and thank them for being there for you. And in the same breath, think about someone that you know and think is just great and consider being their advocate in a way that would make them blush and giggle with happiness.

To all of you, who have been someone’s biggest fan, thank you!!

And to those people who have been mine, I am eternally grateful.

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