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Today is Valentine’s Day so it’s easy for us to remember our loved ones and to think about things that make us feel good – chocolate and massages and sweet notes to our Valentines, maybe a glass of wine with our friends. But what if we took what today is all about and applied it to our lives on a regular basis?


I once heard someone say that we take our car into the mechanic when the light reminds us to change the oil, or when our tires are flat, yet we ignore almost every warning sign that our body gives us when we need to relax or take better care of ourselves. Why is that? Are we so out of touch with the aches and pains, or the feeling that we get when we do treat ourselves with love, that we don’t recognize the signs even when they are pretty obvious?

Let’s not wait until we get sick or feel miserable to treat ourselves with love! Let’s actually apply February 14th – the day of love – to EVERY month of the year. Does that sound like something you’d like? I know I would!

So moving forward, on the 14th of every month, I will add a reminder to my blog post to treat yourself to some love, or better yet maybe I’ll dedicate the entire post to it! And we can do the journey together for a lifetime full of more love and less warning signs.

It can be whatever you want it to be. A long soak with bubbles and candles …. an uninterrupted game of Football on a Saturday afternoon … permission to sleep in …. or stay up late! …. a longer lunch with a friend … or just sitting and watching your child play with your smartphone far – far away. I have been practicing a little more self love these days and it is really wonderful! Today I had a nice workout … helped a friend with his business … treated myself to a massage … and watched House of Cards while I ate a late lunch (with two pieces of chocolate as my dessert). Life is too short to just live the length of it — I want to live the width of it as well.

So I would like you to consider more self love. Whatever that looks like for you – give it more of a try these days. Or at least, come on, once a month!

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