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This topic is full of metaphors because I haven’t posted for almost a month and I can either blame it on being productive or pure procrastination.

Either way I’ll take a vowel for $100 and move on to the point.

In today’s world, everyone is busy. And I mean everyone. Well, practically everyone. My retired parents are not busy, but they should be! I believe that laziness begets laziness and sometimes there is a very fine line between being busy and being productive … and procrastination can have a lot to do with both.

Here are a few resources and suggestions to help out those that are so are far behind, they think they are ahead:

TaskRabbit.com – A great resource to find someone to help you with anything from virtual advice on how to start a Blog – which sites are better than others or perhaps troubleshoot why your photos are not loading probably … to picking up your dry-cleaning … to installing an Ikea unit that would otherwise take you a full day (and perhaps the whole bottle of wine). I’ve been using TaskRabbit for a few years now and they’ve helped me out of many binds, especially when I’ve had deadlines.

Fivrr.com – the world’s largest marketplace for services, and all for $5. I haven’t tried it myself but friends of mine have and well, it’s $5 for anything you need that they can help you with, so … why not?!

Netted.net –  the unmissable daily email introducing you to the best sites, apps, and connected products that make life better. Yes it’s one more email, which I am not a fan of these days, but it’s one that is a quick read and if it’s something useful, it will save you time and bring you joy in the long run. Win-win, right?!

Unsubscribe Daily – this isn’t a website but my suggestion to keep your inbox down to a manageable size, full of things that are either important to you or enhance your life. Every day for the next month analyze your daily inbox and click “Unsubscribe” to all of the emails that are either junk, not useful, a pain in the butt or simply not relevant to your life right now. You can always add them back later guys, if you really miss them. But chances are you won’t and you’ll gain double digit minutes, if not longer, each and every day because you won’t spend time reading any portion of them, or worse, have to wade through and delete them before finding the real gems in your inbox.

Do Three Things – Whenever you feel procrastination poking its unnecessary head into your life, make a list of three things that you absolutely need to get done and then … you guessed it … do those three things. By the time you’ve reached item #3 you’ll be on a roll and procrastination will be warded off for another day. Trust me .. this really works. Note of caution – don’t write down “Save the planet” or “Write my first novel” as your three things … pick achievable goals. “Paint the house” can certainly be number five or six on the list.

And with that … I’m off to have a productive day! … I shall not procrastinate it a moment longer!

Oh … and if you have suggestions on great resources for making your day more productive please share them by leaving a comment.