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All things in life have a purpose. Whether or not we’re aware and present in the moment to recognize such purpose is something altogether different, but definitely, everything (and everyone for that matter) has a purpose.

Sometimes understanding the purpose comes at a much later time in our lives, and in the most random of situations. But when it happens, and that connection is made, it’s like one of the best A-ha moments ever! It’s almost like you can breathe in that moment of realization and feel the impact of the newfound knowledge. And what I wanted this post to be was a reminder to be completely open to every experience in front of us, because we just never know when we’ll garner that little gem that might, in some small way, change our lives.

When I saw the movie HER I have to admit .. I didn’t like it. And a few scenes were a little, um, awkward, as I watched it with my (relatively new) roommate. If you’ve seen the movie then you know what I’m talking about. But the fact of the matter is, one day our worlds might be so crazy that we have an even deeper “relationship” with technology. And of course we already have so much connectedness today – with everyone clamoring to “disrupt” how we do everything and being an “entrepreneur” is the job title everyone wants … it’s hard to believe we will get much “closer” in nature.  Sometimes technology is awesome – amazing – educating — and inspiring. And sometimes it’s just too much.

However … yesterday, I have to say I was really, really happy to have a connectedness with technology. Well, truth be told I guess I was really happy for the person behind the technology that could help me fix the problem I was having with my technology (laptop). And from that, for all intents and purposes, innocuous situation … I found a new purpose and had an amazing experience! Something I never would have had if I didn’t embrace technology and be completely open for the moment to happen.

Life is what happens when we least expect it … and I hope today you encounter that A-ha moment and have an experience to remember.

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