Have you ever wondered, is this too good to be true?  Like, am I dreaming – why doesn’t the whole world know about this!! (insert person, place or thing here).  And have you ever questioned what might be wrong with YOU because you seem to have stumbled upon gold and the rest of the world hasn’t clued in yet?  Well I know others that question the same thing.

I’m here to tell you that you’re not crazy.  I don’t believe in the “too good to be true” model because I DO believe in unicorns.  (So now you’re like – OK, that makes zero sense!) … But it is true!  Because I DO believe in the “happy ever afters” … it’s just that it’s “after” disagreements, challenges and sometimes huge misalignments … but, news flash – that is life!

Therefore I’m going to tell you why you should believe in unicorns too.

i believe in unicorns

Simply put, because the alternative sucks!!  I mean, believe in happiness or dwell in loneliness — or worse — mediocrity!! (see previous blog post on that subject!) .. I say, nope, no thank you!  I choose happiness. I choose “too good to be true”.  Because we are what we believe.

How many times have you read “you are what you think”?  If you haven’t then you need to read more because it’s out there in the universe … we become our thoughts so we should think before we move about this world too freely.

I’m not saying that life doesn’t suck.  It can.  Sometimes it really does.  We’ve all be there and it’s.no.fun.at.all.  But to let it knock you down, well — we are smarter than that.  Regardless if it’s our current reality — we still should dream — and have hope — and make that wish — because that “perfect spot” between crazy and amazing, well it does exist.  One just has to believe …  in unicorns.

As I’ve said before, if you’re going to dream – dream big.  That big audacious thing (again, insert person, place or thing here) is out there and available to you.  Don’t question it too much.  Don’t over analyze it.  Don’t re-think it just because you can.  Instead, believe …. in unicorns.

One of my most recent loved quotes is “You are here to be swallowed up.”

So let the “too good to be true’s” swallow you up.  Let the thought of that take you to the place you have always dreamed about — the place that barely anyone knows exists except you —- the one that leaves you with a smile the moment it crosses your mind.  Because … unicorns, yep, they do exist.

You just need to believe.