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For years now (actually it’s been, like, almost two decades!!) I’ve had a special love for the country music award shows. I grab a bottle of wine and I turn on the TV and I just sit. And listen.

I had a friend I used to watch the CMA and ACM awards with … and we’d watch it a year after they aired (obviously, a big “thank goodness for the dawn of the DVR”!!). Other years I would watch well within the annual time period (my guess is that those were the “boring years” – LOL) … And then there have been nights like tonight when, I’m watching it live.

Over the year’s I’ve watched the shows with friends that enjoy the music as deeply as I do … and then other times I’ve tried to share my passion with those that feigned interest (yeah, not so much). But dare I commit that I’ve almost always had a text message convo with my sister, who, without a doubt, loves the music as much as I do (thank goodness or I’m not sure how the sisterhood would continue – j/k).

Every year it’s different. And that is what makes it so special.

Tonight as I sat, with my glass of wine, for a moment I thought – wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the night with someone special?  … You know, like the opposite sex special. Someone with whom I could really share my passion with … someone that enjoyed the music as much as I  .. someone who “got” me. And then I thought – maybe not.

Because sometimes having “someone” beside you isn’t that fulfilling. Actually, mostly, it’s about the opposite of fulfilling.  Finding that “right” person has so far eluded me, even though I “think” I know what it looks like.  I am in awe of the friends in my life that have found their “person” … like Fiona and John …. Kate and Mark …. Jodee and Brent. Now, I don’t know if they like the same music or where they “fit” … but they definitely have a fit that I know works for them.

CMA award night 2015{sorry I have to interrupt this little blog post to say that it’s super crazy when the CMAs say they are respecting female artists in one breath, and then they bring on Miss America and the Sports Illustrated 2015 cover model !!! … in low cut tops … short (like beyond short!) skirts .. and dresses with a slit up to their waist!! Seriously – is that what “respect for women” looks like in America?  Yep .. apparently so. #Sad}

Back to regularly scheduled programming – sorry for that rant.

And, … with that .. it’s a wrap. I’m still sitting here with my glass (okay, maybe now it’s a bottle) of wine … breathing in my passion of country music … enjoying life just as it is.  Because even though Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy made us all want “that person”  … sometimes we have to just be OK with a bottle of wine and the CMAs.


Thanks for always being there on the side of the CMAs Trish. xox