Elon Musk said it best.  All we need is love.

Ha! He might have gotten it from the Beatles but I figure if Elon Musk knows it to be true, then it must be. ❤️

Today’s writing topic is about love. But more so, how we can invest in love.


Hand painted with love by my amazing Sister.

If we approach the day, and the people in it, with love, then we have a 1000% better shot at feeling good about ourselves, making others feel welcome and appreciated, and are in charge of creating more positivity and change for good in the world.

All because we simply invest in love ❤️.

  1. So take a moment to write about everyone that loves you, or have ever loved you. And as you do – enjoy the feelings and emotions that become present in your body.
  2. And then, write about the people that you love, or have loved. What did you learn from those that you loved before?  What are those that you love today teaching you? What are you teaching them?
  3. And lastly, think about who else you can love.  How you can give love to strangers? To your neighbors? Someone from your past? Someone that you will meet today? Make it a game and have fun with it!

Love is an investment. Not of money but something way more precious – our heart — our soul — and our time.

Some would tell you to be careful with how you give love away. I say the opposite. Give it away with reckless abandon. The world could use more love.

with love, 


love hands