We talked a lot today about being courageous. About taking an idea and acting on it instead of waiting for others to do what you already envision needs to be done.

No. We didn’t say it was easy.  All too often nothing worth while ever is ‘easy’.  Which makes the outcome that much more rewarding.

So today, I invite you to write about a time that you were bold …

When you brought your courageous self to the forefront ….

and write about the fear that accompanied you – and the joy and confidence that embodied you thereafter.

And then think about where in your life you want to be more bold.  If it helps, write as if you’re giving advice to a friend or family member if you can’t see yourself quite there yet.  Write a letter to someone you care about and convey the confidence that you see in them and the belief you have that they will be successful.

And if you still need a little motivation – read here. The Top 10 Reason You Need More Courage. I’m a BIG fan of #1 🙂


And if I can quote one of my favorite TV programs of all time …

Boldly Go ….