I don’t know about you, but I say yes a lot.  I rarely say yes because I feel obligated — it’s mostly because I like to give and be helpful, so ‘Yes’ comes naturally.  And it comes often.


But we’ve all read about the value of saying No.

If we say Yes to everyone, then inevitably we’re saying No to ourselves and those things we value or need to do with our time.

Let’s face it – sometimes we simply don’t want to do the requested action. Maybe it’s because of the time required.  Maybe it’s the cost of our time being placed elsewhere (this is my biggest challenge).  Maybe it wouldn’t be that interesting or rewarding.  Regardless, sometimes No is just No. It could be Not right now, but it’s still a No.

I believe there is power in setting our boundaries.  All of my friends reading this will laugh because I’m pretty bad at actually living within the boundaries I set.  But, that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in them. I just need practice. And to be more consistent with setting and abiding by them.

So I challenge you — or invite you — to try saying No for a day.  Pick a day – any day – and practice saying No.  Baby steps might be “Not Now” versus a flat out No. But still – try some form of “No” for a day.

no way