I don’t know about you, but it feels like the world is zipping by at an ever increasing rate. And at the same time, I keep adding things to my plate and my priorities without any regard for the time that is needed to fulfill on such commitments. At some point, that sense of accomplishment feels more like an illusion than it does a reality.  And before you say it, yes I realize I should go back to my “No for a Day” post and keep re-reading it until I learn the lesson.

Which is why I need to embrace the little things.

Having returned yesterday from another prolonged period of travel, which was on the heels of over a week of travel before that, and before that … I noticed that I started to feel “normal” at around the mid day mark.

I wasn’t doing anything spectacular. Mostly I was just catching up on some errands, which often gives me anxiety because I’m not “accomplishing” anything of value.  But that is when it hit me.

Sometimes I focus so much effort on the larger accomplishments that I don’t give enough credit to just being present, without accomplishing anything really at all.

So today I’m going to write about the little things, and in particular the little things that need to be done like household chores, mindless errands or even balancing my checkbook or submitting that expense report.

Because I bet if I write up this list … it will be long … and it will be all things that either need to be done, or will make me feel really good if they are done.

Which means that I’ll be ready tomorrow to really conquer the world having accomplished the little things perhaps standing in my way.