I have a passion problem. And a giving problem.  And truth be told, if I am being really honest — with myself — I have a focus problem.

When a friend asked me what part of my business I would focus on, if I could only choose one area …. I was literally without words.  Instead I’m like the little boy in the movie “Up” … SQUIRREL!!!.

I LOVE the art of new.

New ideas … new possibilities … new beginnings … new creations … new partnerships. You name it, and I love getting involved in new things!

And so, over the last few years … I have created a few new things.

When I talked with a mentor of mine about the dilemma of being unfocused, she graciously said “it’s not that you’re unfocused – it’s that you’ve created 7 different businesses”.

And as gracious as that is … it’s kinda the same thing as “squirrel!!”.

So it’s fitting that at this time of year, as I do my 2019 strategic planning for “me, myself and I” … that I think about the art of focus – and doing less.

So far this book asks a couple of great questions that I encourage you to consider … I am definitely using them for my daily writing.

  1. What do you feel deeply inspired by?
  2. What are you particularly talented at?
  3. What meets a significant need in the world?

I’m going to try to not overthink and probably look at #1 and #2 … because #3 does feel a little “world problem solving”.  I don’t think it’s meant to, but just the same, I know it will come with time.  For now, focusing on #1 and 2 is a great start.