This morning’s roundtable, which was a part of my Canadian Women’s Network program, was about How Women Lead. And it was filled with a great number of thought provoking questions that I thought this one would be perfect for a writing topic.

what is your superpower boy.jpg

I write and talk about this often but it cannot be understated.

If it’s not something that you already know, then I invite you to ask yourself, what is your unique strength?

What do you do better than anyone else?  Where do you soar?

Perhaps it’s something that is effortless. Perhaps it’s something that you do and gain huge benefit from.

no one is you and that is your superpower

Here is a hint … It’s one thing that makes you stand out. It gives you an unfair advantage, except it’s completely fair because its your unique skill.

Today the group shared things like …. Sleep; Pulling together a meal for 10 people when you only have enough for two. Networking. Bringing people together.

The other day I listened to a successful founder talk about the 50+ books he reads each year, consistently. So your Superpower could be … Being insatiably curious.

your intuition is your superpower.png

If nothing comes to mind then this is the perfect place to start thinking and doing some writing.

And have some fun with it too!

What’s Your Superpower?


i make wine disappear superpower