Today we wrapped up my Canadian Women’s Network 2nd cohort program. I’m grateful for everyone that participated and gave of their time and expertise, and I’m humbled by the women that joined me for four days in the Valley — thank you.

One big take away from the week came yesterday when one of the roundtable mentors asked the group “Do you take structured time off”?

And the dialogue that followed was hilarious …

Founders: Like, how do you mean?

Mentor: As in a vacation.

Founders: Gasp! Laughter. Confusion.

Mentor: It helps you be more creative and productive.

Founders: Hum. … can you define, vacation?

Mentor:  Two to three weeks away.  From work.  Totally unplugged. No email. Let someone else on your team step up and show you they can lead when you’re not there. As in not working or checking in with the team.

… and we went ’round and ’round trying to understand what this concept meant and for a few of us (me included), we also tried to find justification for not taking a ‘vacation’ or somehow getting approval that a ‘weekend away’ or ‘checking emails in the mornings’ counted.

And it turns out, it doesn’t.

Now, not everyone struggles with this question, but for those of us that do, I invite you to dream about a vacation.  An actual 2-3 week time period where you unplug. Where would you go? What would bring you joy? Who on your team would lead while you’re away? Are they ready for the responsibility so that you can leave and feel like your business is in good hands? If not, how quickly can you prepare them?

When you allow yourself to dream, your body starts to physically feel different. It starts to relax. So not only should we all have an actual vacation in 2019, we should think about it often and reap the benefits of simply thinking about it and how it’s going to feel once we’re on it!


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