A sales coach recently recommended the book Creating Money and I’ve now given it to two other people and recommended it to many others.

I don’t know if anyone is listening to my recommendation, or reading it for those that I gifted it to, but I highly recommend it for one simple reason — it makes you realize what you’re needing the most.

Years ago — gosh, well over a decade now — I think it was Citibank that had advertisements on buses around San Francisco that read …

There is a point to life, and no, it’s not the decimal.

I always LOVED that advertisement.

Money is likely going to always be a part of whatever it is we strive for – be it a vacation, a nice home, things that make us feel pretty — or sexy or — simply bring us a smile, or taking care of family and loved ones.

But the book asks you to get clear about what is lacking in your life, and then challenges you to see if you can achieve your goal with what you already have.

And what was surprising to me was that after I did the exercise, I actually felt I could. And that what I was trying to accomplish, felt easily attainable by simply adjusting what I was focusing on.

It made me realize that I could experience what I was looking for¬†with the many things that exist around me today — or with small adjustments to how I look at things or what I have.

The book is worth a read because now is a good time to not only be grateful for what we have, but reset how we look at success for the year ahead.

And if you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear them!