I have a friend who doesn’t like chick flicks. Granted, my friend is a guy and I feel like chick flicks are better understood by women anyway, but still, I get where he’s coming from. His rational is that they give false hope and aren’t based in reality.

But wait, isn’t that the point?!

The sole reason I love chick flicks is because of that exact point. I know that they are fantasy. I know they give us the sad story so that there is a happy ending. And because it’s a chick flick, there is always a happy ending.

While I know that the chances of Mr. Right bumping into me on the street isn’t high. And that going from rags to riches is a long road full of hard work and a lot of luck. But I do believe in miracles and a good chick flick makes me feel renewed. Like I can accomplish anything.

It inspires me to put pen to paper.  To smile a little wider. To take a moment to appreciate life’s simple pleasures like sunshine and dinner with friends. And it makes me plan. Because I believe that life happens with a plan. And a little faith.

So – for me, it doesn’t matter if the film is not based on reality and has no hope in hell to happen like that for me. At least, for a little while, I’m on cloud nine and I feel like reaching for the stars. And in all likelihood, I’ll get farther because of the inspiration I felt and the determination that followed. And for me – that’s more than enough.

My Friday night inspiration …


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