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Before you get any crazy ideas, no, I’m not moving back to Canada. BUT, I am taking a #SoloRoadTrip from San Francisco to Edmonton!

Some people have asked me why I’m driving. Some have seemed confused as to why I’d do it alone. Most have expressed extreme enthusiasm and support and have asked me to share the journey.

So I’m dusting off my old blog, BeingSuperWoman, that I started years back and at a completely different time in my life …. but it has served me well over the years as a place to channel my inner creativity and occasionally, okay frequently, share snippets of my life and ponder (my) life’s bigger questions. I’ve left it unattended for a long time so I’m excited to dive back in!

Here is a my first video post!

Like, I think my first video post —ever (aside from the bucket challenge I did years back, but I didn’t video myself so I don’t think that counts). Hence, this is most likely, the first ever video I have ever self published 😆

Final Thoughts …

I HAVE to include Paul Brandt’s Alberta Bound — it just has to be played to get this road trip started!