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Some might say the 80 East from Nevada to Utah is a little boring, but I beg to differ. Especially when it’s your first time driving it.

7.5 hours of drive time but the mountain ranges on both sides gave me a pretty sight to look at the entire way …. and the long, straight highway kept my focus on my future. I loved it!

It’s a huge treat to stay at a friend’s place while I am in Utah! It’s just a bummer that I missed them by 7.5 hours. 🙂

P.S. It almost took me as long from the gate to the house, Beth, as it did from Reno to Park City! LOL But the view is definitely worth it. With huge gratitude!!

And now for the best part ….

Live country music!!!

I swear it felt like heaven to be sitting at a bar and hearing such a sweet, heartfelt, familiar sound.

Beth, please thank Meg for this awesome recommendation!

And now I’m holding myself accountable to a promise I made … which is to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to videos. I have to post at least one per day. This one makes the cut, for obvious reasons. 😍😍

Final thoughts …

Back when I started “blogging” (and I use that verb loosely 😆) … I used to love coming home after an event and with a glass of wine, or whiskey, write a blog post. It would be about something that had caught my attention that day, or something that was percolating in my mind. I’ve craved getting back to writing in some shape or form … so I’m glad this road trip is getting me back in the habit. Of writing. I’ve been keeping up with the wine and whiskey drinking, of course. 😆