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Sunday! Man do I love myself a good Sunday!

Today was extra special because I got up … and then went back to sleep. LOL

Easy to do in the super comfortable bed I got to enjoy and my heart full with joy from the days before.

But I did finally get up and make it out for a run / walk (and just because I’m honest to a fault, it was really a walk / run .. not even a run / walk… but that’s OK … 3.5 miles is 3.5 miles and getting out for anything should be celebrated :-).

For some these pictures might not depict much, but I guess it’s from my days growing up on a farm because I LOVE dirt roads and stitched-together fences – just like these ones I found on my hike today. Notice how I upgraded it to a hike now. Pretty slick, huh. 🙂

I needed a new picture for my match.com profile so I snapped this one post workout. To show the sporty side of me 😊 Maybe I’ll add the picture of my golf clubs at the driving range as well! ha ha

When I texted a friend and mentioned what I was doing, she asked, how was the driving range? … followed by, you golf?

To the first question …

.. The first few balls were spectacular .. and then, well, I’ll blame it on the heat.

As to the second question …

… I’m always grateful for my first husband 😆 for teaching me how to golf (actually, it was his best friend Scott that taught me, but Mike inspired me so I give him all the credit!). This year I’ve been fortunate enough to dust off the 25 year old clubs and hit the links with my friend Tannis and her main squeeze Z. If anyone wants to meet me at the driving range once I hit Alberta, let me know! ⛳️

After all of that work, I had to relax and enjoy the view. ☕️ Thanks again to Beth and Keith for the amazing gift of a b.yond comfortable bed and beautiful view!

and then …

Dinner .. with a few of my favo(u)rite things … and a new project we are kicking off in our July issue of Disruption magazine!

Other notable highlights …

  • It was wonderful to chat with one of my long time besties today, Moselle. Yesterday I got to catch up with Jules on my drive, who has been there with me through some of the toughest times. Thanks for the travel tips and always being there for me, ladies!
  • And from 20 year old friendships to brand new ones … My friend Dylan cracks me up and I’m living vicariously through him right now. He is the master Match.com-er … so I guess I should ask him to approve my photo.
  • And of course, I had a great chat with Mom and Dad. It’s going to be fun to visit some of the places that they traveled through when they road-tripped across the U.S years ago. And I love how they crack me up every time I call. They are a little comedy act sometimes, even though they don’t realize it!

Well, off to bed because it’s a long drive tomorrow … but I am SO excited to be headed to see our old running pal, Mike, tomorrow in SD. I’m excited for a home cooked meal after my 10-hour drive. Plus wine. Always + wine, people. 🍷 You know that about me, right?

What a treat that is going to be!

And .. as for #SoloRoadTrip Day 3 …. That’s a wrap!