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#OnTheRoadAgain …

I totally forgot about my Monday morning call with a group from London … but glad I remembered it … just in time!

So a little later-than-planned start, but I was on my way to an old ultra-running friend’s place in South Dakota with a jet-fueled gas station ☕️ in hand. I’ll let my readers guess who they mystery friend could be and I will give away the name later on in the post, or tomorrow. 🏃‍♂️

So …. I do weird things on solo road trips.

  • Like, keep track of the number of times I stop to use the “ladies room” (a phrase I stole from my friend Tannis, which just sounds better than “I stopped to go pee”).
  • I like taking photos of signs. It’s a little hard to do when driving solo and on roads that don’t have many turn-outs .. but I’ve been known to come to a screeching halt and make a quick u-turn to go back to take the snap. You’ll see one of those in my video below.
  • One thing I am doing is documenting the price of gas along the way. It was $4.89 a gallon in Burlingame when I left (this is for the Supreme leaded because that’s apparently what my precious car needs). And today it was $4.159 in Park City. So .. that’s a bit of useless information and a minute of your life you’ll never get back. #SorryNotSorry!!

News Alert: This blog post is on the longer side because who knew so much could happen on a 10-hour drive between Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota!  Well, allow me to share.

In Good Company

In 2019 when I took my first #SoloRoadTrip it was Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” Podcast that kept me fulfilled during my travels. I listened to episode after episode, and was eating up all of the “rah-rah, build your confidence, live your best life” blah blah on the airways. I frickin’ loved it!

This trip the Podcast that is keeping me going is Smartless …. OMGosh it’s laugh-out-loud, pee my pants, so f’en hilarious! Jason Bateman is SO funny. I love the connection to Canada with Will Arnett. And I feel like Sean Hayes pulls out the sarcastic humor that catches you off guard in a good way. Check it out. It cracks me up!

Complete Podcast Playlist:

  • Collisions/YYC – with Amanda Hall – who is #MakingAlbertaProud with the company she founded “Summit Nanotech”. One day I’m going to say … I knew Amanda when … Good luck w/ the Series A raise, lady! I know you’re going to ##CrushIt!
  • Smartless with Gwyneth Paltrow was awesome! SUPER funny and who doesn’t love her!
  • Smartless Reese Witherspoon – OMGosh, she’s so adorable and hot (regardless if you’re a man or a woman, who doesn’t have a crush on Reese!) Gotta watch that one.
  • Smartless with Amy Sedaris – who I didn’t know, but she is frickin’ hilarious! It’s A-mazing how many famous actors/actresses that these 3 guys have worked with over the years! 
  • Last Smartless episode of the day was with NASA Astronaut, Marine Biologist and Physiologist – Jessica Meir. Who I certainly didn’t know, but she’s not only wicked smart but funny!!
  • The Goop Podcast “Realizing our Belonging” – because I still need a little rah-rah, feel good content. 😆

And now … Random Photos From The Trip ….

Continental Divide & Fences

For those that used to watch “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” … remember the 3 Lifelines that the person had?! Yeah, well, I had to use the “Phone a Friend” today when I kept seeing the Continental Divide signs driving through Wyoming.  Except I left my Dad and Sister and video recording (sort of the upgraded version of “phone a friend”). Thanks, Dad for being my source of all knowledge!

But here is another riddle and I need to use the “Poll the Audience” lifeline.

Can someone please tell me what these fences are, and why are they everyone along the Wyoming backroads?? I look forward to someone helping me solve the mystery! “Thanks in advance!”

For My Sister … Inside Joke


This video is for my Dad and all of the Oiler fans out there. This is the video I had to turn around for because the sign caught my eye. Thank goodness it didn’t also say “Home of Champions”. LOL

Entering South Dakota

The landscape changed as I was welcomed into South Dakota and I easily found my way to Mike’s place … in time to have a glass of wine (or three, sorry, Mike … I pushed you off the wagon!) … We have a good chit chat w/ Ron about days on the farm … and then enjoyed a delicious meal while we reminisced about the crazy ultra-running days (and yes, all of the old running peeps – we totally talked about you – Claire, Scott, Moselle, Leigh, Frank, Christine, Jon, Jane .. and of course, the crew support team of Rob and Kristin). ha ha!

Grateful for

  • Safely getting to my destination
  • An awesome home-cooked meal; old friend and bed to crash on
  • Laughing out loud humo(u)r on the Smartless podcast
  • Enough cell coverage to listen in on two calls today, and one was with a group of kick-ass women in an executive coaching group that I love – thanks, Amy!
  • Lifelines!!

And the mystery friend is revealed. Thanks, Mike!!

And for those that might be wondering … this is the look of a LONG day folks … not the wine!