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Destination … Mt. Vernon, South Dakota. Population 462. Wow!

It was about 4.5 hours East from Belle Fourche. The temperatures were about 36C all day.


  • Lots of SmartLess
  • Then lots of country music

The best part upon arriving in Mt. Vernon was that I had NO idea that by visiting my friend Courtney in South Dakota, that I would be taking a HUGE trip down memory lane to my days growing up on the farm in Alberta.

But it.was.awesome! Check it out!

I am so blessed to have grown up on a farm, and so amazed by all that my Dad and Mom were able to build from homestead land and sheer determination. There were a good number of bumps in the road growing up. Those that grew up there know exactly what those bumps looked like, but in the end, and looking back, it was such a special time and I wouldn’t change a thing.

So a HUGE shout out to my parents – thanks for all that you did to give Trish and me an amazing childhood and wonderful memories.

Courtney brought me back to my roots pretty quickly .. Starting off with pickling cukes!

I am now prepared for pickling with my sister, mom and dad once I am home. Because it’s become a renewed annual tradition, which is awesome! And the pickles, folks, are to die for!

And then … we went out to the garden and walked around the farm … and OMGosh .. a Combine!!! And farm equipment! And cattle!! Lots and lots of cows!

And then I saw this .. which was so fantastic.

Okay, here is the backstory …

Trish and I used to ride around on our Trike (pre-Quad days) ALL.THE.TIME!! We were both driving the S-10 around the farm when we were 10 years old. I couldn’t wait to take my Dad dinner when he was seeding or combining because I got to drive out dinner to him! And like, by myself!!!

So seeing Hattie take her little brother out on the Quad, was priceless. When she asked her Dad if she could take Walter on it, Mike said “How old are you?” and Hattie said “I’m 9.”

And Mike replied with “Exactly, go slow.”


So … frickin’ awesome!! These kids are going to grow up and be confident, courageous and humble human beings! They already are!!

What a fantastic time with this lady and her family.

Thank you, Courtney! B.yond grateful!!

I’ll see you next in California