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Today was a day of travel. Like, 12 hours of driving. I don’t know how I am still standing right now but I feel like my fans are counting on me to catch up on my blog, so here I am! LOL

Soooo kidding!

My friend Courtney asked “So, do you have a big following?”, and I’m like “No … like 4.”

But actually, I know FF is following me. Maybe my Dad and Sister read it. Totally not sure on that one but I sure hope so. I think Rick and Barb are following it, and I know Anjali is taking a read. Thank you, Anjali.

But I write for me. ✍️ It’s something I love doing and I really hope I’ll do more of it in the future.

But for my all of 8 followers .. here is a recap of my Day 7 😆🚙

Leaving South Dakota and enroute to Montana!

Not too much to report on from today but when it ends with a restaurant bar, a glass of wine, and a blog post. I’m a happy girl. 😆😆

Oh — but do ask about how my hotel debacle turned into a HUGE gift, next time we chat.