OMGosh … sometimes you gotta just love a hotel room!!

Today was a bit more on the uneventful side … but for me, it has still been heaven.

After sleeping in, I did what I didn’t do all week. I worked! ha!!

And for those that know me (which should be all of 8 of you LOL) … I loved it!

BUT … in other news. The Olympics started today, folks! That’s exciting. Or maybe it’s not because I have only seen it on one TV in the, you know, 5 bars I’ve been to tonight. 😆🍷

Oh but actually – maybe I have something exciting to mention! It’s a little “FutureCasting” as they say.

… I met Chuck and Cheryl over dinner, who I think is going to introduce me to husband #3.

Just kidding!! No more marriages! 😬 Sorry for the almost heart attack Mom and Dad!

But … white water rafting with beers and a bunch of friends that I don’t know yet, sounds totally up my alley!

And now .. back to reality …

A few photos from today. Won’t surprise any of my fans I’m sure. LOL

Afternoon and pre-dinner office. Please don’t read my emails. That would be weird. BUT .. if you do, then please mark the as ‘Read” so I can file them away.

Post dinner office. That is a delicious peanut-chocolate truffle dessert perched on my laptop. In case you missed it.

Tomorrow might be much like today, except – except – except – I’m turning into an Uber and picking up a friend at the airport and then driving West to have a few laughs, drinks, and I suspect some more drinks, and then apparently some golf.

Looking forward Sean and Tania! Can’t wait!