Well the month of August flew by! Before I embark on my #Solo(Return)RoadTrip to πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ … I thought I would share some of my highlights!

Celebrating my parents 54th wedding anniversary … and my sister’s um, 30th birthday πŸ™‚

Another 50th birthday celebration with my wonderful high school girlfriends.

We all turn 50 this year and I’m so proud to say that out loud because I think we all look 25! Thanks Tanya, Tracy and Tamara for all of the great times together! It wasn’t easy but we pulled together a few gatherings .. not to mention the few quick beers 🍻 we snuck in from time to time as well!

Since I of course, had time on my hands, I took up golf lessons while I was home. And I went back to the very first place that I picked up a golf club … about 30 years ago. ⛳️ Thanks again, Mike, for introducing me to the game of golf. That, and moving to San Francisco, are two amazing gifts from our time together.

I experienced real progress (1% better is my motto!) after weekly golf lessons. Tannis and Z … I look forward to showing off my new skills at the HMB links! ha ha <grin>

I enjoyed a lot of walks .. some alone, some with friends, and some with a Saint in my back pocket.

I went back to my roots and had not one, but TWO nights of pickles with my family! And I’m so excited that I have a case in the back of my car to enjoy while I’m back in California.

We enjoyed some cool extended family time — we visited my 97 yo great aunt, as well as had an annual Fedeyko WE MEET reunion, virtual again this year but it was so much fun I think Amy and I are going to organize a WE MEET virtually more often. Except next time, we’ll send the link, Uncle D! LOL

Mom and me, of course, enjoyed some wine!! And on some nights, I enjoyed some Whisky! (I couldn’t let my fans down without sharing some of these moments, right?!)

The weather was absolutely drop-dead, gorgeous almost every day I was home. It was weather like I remember it growing up on the farm in High Level. I took advantage of the amazing backdrop + weather for an alternative to my normal office.

AND I got to meet an amazing group of Edmonton women that I’ve been working with over the last year. Thank you Cara, Anjali, Kennedy, Nicole, Noelle and Sabrina for your support, passion and collaboration! I’m excited for all the things we are doing together.

I am taking home a few gifts from my mom. She’s always asking if I would “use this” or “wear that” … and then next thing – poof – it’s mine to enjoy! πŸ™‚ My mom was always so creative with crafts … from ceramics to cross stitch to knitting and painting .. she did it all – and beautifully!! Here is a gift I get to take home with me. Thanks, Mom! LOVE ❀️

I might update this post with additional memories, but as I embark on my #SoloReturnRoadTrip, I wanted to share a glimpse from the last month.

It’s always SO great to come home to πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. Thank you to my family, friends and colleagues for making it memorable and fun!

And now … I look forward to the “Positive What If!” that awaits in San Francisco!

Oh and … NW 35 109 17 W5 … Which won’t mean anything to most of my readers right now, but it might show up in a future blog post. πŸ˜†