#SoloRoadTrip – Day 4


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#OnTheRoadAgain …

I totally forgot about my Monday morning call with a group from London … but glad I remembered it … just in time!

So a little later-than-planned start, but I was on my way to an old ultra-running friend’s place in South Dakota with a jet-fueled gas station ☕️ in hand. I’ll let my readers guess who they mystery friend could be and I will give away the name later on in the post, or tomorrow. 🏃‍♂️

So …. I do weird things on solo road trips.

  • Like, keep track of the number of times I stop to use the “ladies room” (a phrase I stole from my friend Tannis, which just sounds better than “I stopped to go pee”).
  • I like taking photos of signs. It’s a little hard to do when driving solo and on roads that don’t have many turn-outs .. but I’ve been known to come to a screeching halt and make a quick u-turn to go back to take the snap. You’ll see one of those in my video below.
  • One thing I am doing is documenting the price of gas along the way. It was $4.89 a gallon in Burlingame when I left (this is for the Supreme leaded because that’s apparently what my precious car needs). And today it was $4.159 in Park City. So .. that’s a bit of useless information and a minute of your life you’ll never get back. #SorryNotSorry!!

News Alert: This blog post is on the longer side because who knew so much could happen on a 10-hour drive between Utah, Wyoming and South Dakota!  Well, allow me to share.

In Good Company

In 2019 when I took my first #SoloRoadTrip it was Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” Podcast that kept me fulfilled during my travels. I listened to episode after episode, and was eating up all of the “rah-rah, build your confidence, live your best life” blah blah on the airways. I frickin’ loved it!

This trip the Podcast that is keeping me going is Smartless …. OMGosh it’s laugh-out-loud, pee my pants, so f’en hilarious! Jason Bateman is SO funny. I love the connection to Canada with Will Arnett. And I feel like Sean Hayes pulls out the sarcastic humor that catches you off guard in a good way. Check it out. It cracks me up!

Complete Podcast Playlist:

  • Collisions/YYC – with Amanda Hall – who is #MakingAlbertaProud with the company she founded “Summit Nanotech”. One day I’m going to say … I knew Amanda when … Good luck w/ the Series A raise, lady! I know you’re going to ##CrushIt!
  • Smartless with Gwyneth Paltrow was awesome! SUPER funny and who doesn’t love her!
  • Smartless Reese Witherspoon – OMGosh, she’s so adorable and hot (regardless if you’re a man or a woman, who doesn’t have a crush on Reese!) Gotta watch that one.
  • Smartless with Amy Sedaris – who I didn’t know, but she is frickin’ hilarious! It’s A-mazing how many famous actors/actresses that these 3 guys have worked with over the years! 
  • Last Smartless episode of the day was with NASA Astronaut, Marine Biologist and Physiologist – Jessica Meir. Who I certainly didn’t know, but she’s not only wicked smart but funny!!
  • The Goop Podcast “Realizing our Belonging” – because I still need a little rah-rah, feel good content. 😆

And now … Random Photos From The Trip ….

Continental Divide & Fences

For those that used to watch “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” … remember the 3 Lifelines that the person had?! Yeah, well, I had to use the “Phone a Friend” today when I kept seeing the Continental Divide signs driving through Wyoming.  Except I left my Dad and Sister and video recording (sort of the upgraded version of “phone a friend”). Thanks, Dad for being my source of all knowledge!

But here is another riddle and I need to use the “Poll the Audience” lifeline.

Can someone please tell me what these fences are, and why are they everyone along the Wyoming backroads?? I look forward to someone helping me solve the mystery! “Thanks in advance!”

For My Sister … Inside Joke


This video is for my Dad and all of the Oiler fans out there. This is the video I had to turn around for because the sign caught my eye. Thank goodness it didn’t also say “Home of Champions”. LOL

Entering South Dakota

The landscape changed as I was welcomed into South Dakota and I easily found my way to Mike’s place … in time to have a glass of wine (or three, sorry, Mike … I pushed you off the wagon!) … We have a good chit chat w/ Ron about days on the farm … and then enjoyed a delicious meal while we reminisced about the crazy ultra-running days (and yes, all of the old running peeps – we totally talked about you – Claire, Scott, Moselle, Leigh, Frank, Christine, Jon, Jane .. and of course, the crew support team of Rob and Kristin). ha ha!

Grateful for

  • Safely getting to my destination
  • An awesome home-cooked meal; old friend and bed to crash on
  • Laughing out loud humo(u)r on the Smartless podcast
  • Enough cell coverage to listen in on two calls today, and one was with a group of kick-ass women in an executive coaching group that I love – thanks, Amy!
  • Lifelines!!

And the mystery friend is revealed. Thanks, Mike!!

And for those that might be wondering … this is the look of a LONG day folks … not the wine!

#SoloRoadTrip – Day 3


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Sunday! Man do I love myself a good Sunday!

Today was extra special because I got up … and then went back to sleep. LOL

Easy to do in the super comfortable bed I got to enjoy and my heart full with joy from the days before.

But I did finally get up and make it out for a run / walk (and just because I’m honest to a fault, it was really a walk / run .. not even a run / walk… but that’s OK … 3.5 miles is 3.5 miles and getting out for anything should be celebrated :-).

For some these pictures might not depict much, but I guess it’s from my days growing up on a farm because I LOVE dirt roads and stitched-together fences – just like these ones I found on my hike today. Notice how I upgraded it to a hike now. Pretty slick, huh. 🙂

I needed a new picture for my match.com profile so I snapped this one post workout. To show the sporty side of me 😊 Maybe I’ll add the picture of my golf clubs at the driving range as well! ha ha

When I texted a friend and mentioned what I was doing, she asked, how was the driving range? … followed by, you golf?

To the first question …

.. The first few balls were spectacular .. and then, well, I’ll blame it on the heat.

As to the second question …

… I’m always grateful for my first husband 😆 for teaching me how to golf (actually, it was his best friend Scott that taught me, but Mike inspired me so I give him all the credit!). This year I’ve been fortunate enough to dust off the 25 year old clubs and hit the links with my friend Tannis and her main squeeze Z. If anyone wants to meet me at the driving range once I hit Alberta, let me know! ⛳️

After all of that work, I had to relax and enjoy the view. ☕️ Thanks again to Beth and Keith for the amazing gift of a b.yond comfortable bed and beautiful view!

and then …

Dinner .. with a few of my favo(u)rite things … and a new project we are kicking off in our July issue of Disruption magazine!

Other notable highlights …

  • It was wonderful to chat with one of my long time besties today, Moselle. Yesterday I got to catch up with Jules on my drive, who has been there with me through some of the toughest times. Thanks for the travel tips and always being there for me, ladies!
  • And from 20 year old friendships to brand new ones … My friend Dylan cracks me up and I’m living vicariously through him right now. He is the master Match.com-er … so I guess I should ask him to approve my photo.
  • And of course, I had a great chat with Mom and Dad. It’s going to be fun to visit some of the places that they traveled through when they road-tripped across the U.S years ago. And I love how they crack me up every time I call. They are a little comedy act sometimes, even though they don’t realize it!

Well, off to bed because it’s a long drive tomorrow … but I am SO excited to be headed to see our old running pal, Mike, tomorrow in SD. I’m excited for a home cooked meal after my 10-hour drive. Plus wine. Always + wine, people. 🍷 You know that about me, right?

What a treat that is going to be!

And .. as for #SoloRoadTrip Day 3 …. That’s a wrap!

#SoloRoadTrip – Day 2


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Some might say the 80 East from Nevada to Utah is a little boring, but I beg to differ. Especially when it’s your first time driving it.

7.5 hours of drive time but the mountain ranges on both sides gave me a pretty sight to look at the entire way …. and the long, straight highway kept my focus on my future. I loved it!

It’s a huge treat to stay at a friend’s place while I am in Utah! It’s just a bummer that I missed them by 7.5 hours. 🙂

P.S. It almost took me as long from the gate to the house, Beth, as it did from Reno to Park City! LOL But the view is definitely worth it. With huge gratitude!!

And now for the best part ….

Live country music!!!

I swear it felt like heaven to be sitting at a bar and hearing such a sweet, heartfelt, familiar sound.

Beth, please thank Meg for this awesome recommendation!

And now I’m holding myself accountable to a promise I made … which is to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to videos. I have to post at least one per day. This one makes the cut, for obvious reasons. 😍😍

Final thoughts …

Back when I started “blogging” (and I use that verb loosely 😆) … I used to love coming home after an event and with a glass of wine, or whiskey, write a blog post. It would be about something that had caught my attention that day, or something that was percolating in my mind. I’ve craved getting back to writing in some shape or form … so I’m glad this road trip is getting me back in the habit. Of writing. I’ve been keeping up with the wine and whiskey drinking, of course. 😆

#SoloRoadTrip – Day 1


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And the journey begins!

And YAY – I can now upload videos! #Sweet!!

As you’ll hear from the video and see from the picture, my journey has started out in the best way possible … a run with friends!

I have been running with this crew consistently for the last five years and they are my lifeline! Our 0545 (turned 0630) morning runs on M/W/F each week have kept me sane and something I look forward to. Our #NeverMissAMonday has gotten me out of bed in the pitch dark of winter and the bright light of summer. Grateful to my friends for joining me this morning before I set off! Thanks Jane, Debbie, Derek and Don! With special mention to their furry friends Leo, Cota and Emmie!

Friday afternoon traffic on the 80 East probably wasn’t the best idea, but once I was out of the city I started to relax and just let the road lead me where I was about to go.

I started the trip off with a few founders — it is always so much fun to connect with ambitious people looking to change the world! And then I got re-acquainted with Sirius Radio — it was one of the things I cut off when Covid hit because I wasn’t driving anywhere! I got in one podcast Lewis Howes – The Millionaire Habits That Changed My Life – Episode 1135. I’ll add some of the highlights from here tomorrow!

And as I pulled into my first destination, I turned on some music that I love … these likely aren’t on your play list but they are on mine 🙂

  • Eric Church – Mr. Misunderstood (I got to see him in concert a few years back – was the best 2nd date that never went anywhere, that I’ve ever had 🙂
  • Rachel Platten – Fight Song (oh how many times I sing this one out loud!)
  • LOCASH – I Love this Life!! (If this doesn’t make you get up and want to dance, well then, you probably don’t like country music 🙂
  • Ashley McBryde – Girl Goin’ Nowhere (Damn, I want to find out where I can see her live – she’s so real and awesome – love her music .. And this song … I’m sorry, but ladies, .. c’mon .. who doesn’t relate to this??!?)
  • Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee – Despacito (GreeceBaby is calling us again Mona, Karen and Mahlet!)
  • Dean Brody – Time (Everyone go and kiss and hug your loved ones, please)
  • John Mayer – In the Blood (Always think of my friend Bruce when this song comes on)

Looking for Audible recommendations; Podcasts, and yes, I’d love to hear what music makes you want to get up and dance!

Grateful for …. my parents and sister for being my co-pilots and check in points along my journey | my team for keeping the train running smoothly while I am away | 30 degree sunshine! | my car! I love driving it and she’s keeping me safe on my travels | friends letting me couch surf and break up my travels.

Not many places to stop and take photos of the breathtaking views as you’re heading towards Tahoe, but just like my Dad says about lotto tickets … all you need is one.

Until tomorrow!

#SoloRoadTrip …. #AlbertaBound


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Before you get any crazy ideas, no, I’m not moving back to Canada. BUT, I am taking a #SoloRoadTrip from San Francisco to Edmonton!

Some people have asked me why I’m driving. Some have seemed confused as to why I’d do it alone. Most have expressed extreme enthusiasm and support and have asked me to share the journey.

So I’m dusting off my old blog, BeingSuperWoman, that I started years back and at a completely different time in my life …. but it has served me well over the years as a place to channel my inner creativity and occasionally, okay frequently, share snippets of my life and ponder (my) life’s bigger questions. I’ve left it unattended for a long time so I’m excited to dive back in!

Here is a my first video post!

Like, I think my first video post —ever (aside from the bucket challenge I did years back, but I didn’t video myself so I don’t think that counts). Hence, this is most likely, the first ever video I have ever self published 😆

Final Thoughts …

I HAVE to include Paul Brandt’s Alberta Bound — it just has to be played to get this road trip started!

I am enough

last night as I lay in bed, i was reflecting on some people in my life. colleagues. mentors. friends. close relationships. strangers. and i started to feel down. started to feel like I couldn’t compete. started to spin with the thought … “what have I done? … how do i compare? … am I enough?”

so i pulled out my journal and i began to write. because even though my head tells me that i am enough … my ego was getting in my way.

I. Am. Enough." Manifestation Tattoo– Conscious Ink

i am smart enough

i am complete enough

i am fun enough

i am enjoyable enough

i am patient enough

i am outgoing enough

i cook enough

i am resourceful enough

i am courageous enough

i am generous enough

i am curious enough

i am vulnerable enough

i am complete enough

i am tenacious enough

i am witty enough

i am loving enough

i am kind enough

I am enough.

i am enough | Tumblr


Living Your Potential

It’s an interesting phenomenon that we can see the potential in others more clearly than they can see in themselves.  And the same goes with how difficult it is to see our own potential and a clear path to our goals and ambitions.

I’ve learned that I’m not going to change this, even though it doesn’t make any sense to my rational brain. But I trust that the Universe has a reason for making it easier to see the potential in others than it is to see it in ourselves.

Therefore the only option is to embrace the challenge and succeed anyway!

there is no man living

Here is what I’m learning about how people are achieving greater levels of success and reaching a higher level of potential.

Set a long term plan

A wise man and mentor referred me to an inspiring and famous quote which says that  we tend to overestimate what we can do in one year but underestimate what we can accomplish in 5, 10 or 20 years. I’ll provide the Bill Gates quote since he’s a tech icon I admire.

“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

For the first time I created a 5 year plan versus my typical “one year resolution” list of 47 items that I wanted to accomplish in 12 months. It’s already made a huge difference in the way I approach life and has reduced my stress level tremendously.  Last year at this time I would have been freaking out and I would be telling myself — “it’s practically February – one month has almost vanished before my eyes!! — I am no where near accomplishing my long list of goals.”  For more reading on this check out Founderpedia post.

But .. because I have a five-year plan, I’m not freaking out at all. I’ve already accomplished a few things and if I take the long view, then I’m well on my way and feel confident that success is in my future.  Which leads me to …

Celebrate the small wins

We achieve lots of things on a daily basis, but because we’re so focused on accomplishing something big, we erroneously skip over the confidence boost and validation by not celebrating our achievements. Each win doesn’t require a grand stand and parade, but even a short discussion with yourself saying “I did that!” or “What a wonderful accomplishment towards my bigger goal” will increase your mood and give you energy as you tackle the rest of the day, year, decade.

Give. And then give more 

I’m consistently receiving signs these days that in order to increase our happiness and to help us be successful, we need to give. And it’s critical to give when we feel down and least feel like we can, or have, the capacity to give.

Giving doesn’t have to be monetary. It could be as simple as a compliment. And even if you’re a giver … you will be surprised how giving more will unlock the inspiration needed to tackle what seems like an insurmountable task.

Research reported in Adam Grant’s book “Give and Take” (which I highly recommend) shows that giving in chunks (ie: focused giving in a short period of time) versus giving in sprinkles (ie: one small act a day for a week), provides greater satisfaction and a feeling of happiness. And when we are happy, we know that we tend to be more motivated and therefore have a greater chance of working towards our goals and true potential.


Finding happiness 

Happiness isn’t always derived from the work we do or even the goals we’re trying to accomplish. Often finding happiness elsewhere (in an activity we enjoy; spending time with people that inspire us; volunteering with something you care about) can provide you with the happiness that will give you the motivation and push you to dig deeper and reach higher so you can truly unlock your potential.

… and on a personal note, just writing this blog today is a huge win for me that I’m going to celebrate with a delicious Chai Latte and a mini “woot woot” as I hit “publish”. 🙂



The other day I heard an important distinction between the meaning of community and the definition of a network.


A network is a group of interconnected people … which I completely relate to because I have personally built a business by building my network.

A community is a feeling of fellowship of others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.

The distinction between the two got me thinking about what community is … and the community that I have fostered … versus the networks I have built.

And then it dawned on me.  The reason why I have been experiencing a sense of loss and loneliness in my life. It is because I haven’t nurtured enough community, at a time when I think I needed it the most.

There are things we do that help foster community.

Being in a relationship … having a family … a partnership of some kind …

These all lend themselves to shared interests and common goals.

When we have a belief in something, or a strong passion, be it a spiritual belief in God or some passion for say a certain sport or the arts and culture, we have an easier time building connection.  We form relationships where we rely on others and over time, feel confident that no matter what, we are going to be there for each other … be it to pray with … cheer with … create with … or commiserate with.


Being a solo entrepreneur can make it difficult to build or keep up within a community. We focus most of our time on our company.  We make decisions to prioritize growing the business over, sometimes, almost everything else.  And we can often seclude ourselves from places of deep connectivity citing a lack of time, energy or a whole host of other reasons, valid or not.

But the cost of disconnection can be great.

It’s almost like we find our own little hole and keep digging ourselves towards the opposite direction of community and support, even though I think we realize it’s exactly what we need to thrive.  We need community and that sense of support to keep our heart and soul alive – so it can fuel our imagination, our passions, and yes, ultimately our business.

We all have a lot to offer to a community, in addition to what we will gain from being a part of one.  But like anything else in life, it starts with taking a step forward in the direction we want to go.  And we don’t know what might stick, so we can’t be scared to go down a few paths to find the right one for us.

Be it for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.  Finding a community, or two or five, feels like a good use of our time.

community-word cloud.jpg


Special thanks to my new community #MC and my old #creativeNZ match for the inspiration.

Chick Flicks

I have a friend who doesn’t like chick flicks. Granted, my friend is a guy and I feel like chick flicks are better understood by women anyway, but still, I get where he’s coming from. His rational is that they give false hope and aren’t based in reality.

But wait, isn’t that the point?!

The sole reason I love chick flicks is because of that exact point. I know that they are fantasy. I know they give us the sad story so that there is a happy ending. And because it’s a chick flick, there is always a happy ending.

While I know that the chances of Mr. Right bumping into me on the street isn’t high. And that going from rags to riches is a long road full of hard work and a lot of luck. But I do believe in miracles and a good chick flick makes me feel renewed. Like I can accomplish anything.

It inspires me to put pen to paper.  To smile a little wider. To take a moment to appreciate life’s simple pleasures like sunshine and dinner with friends. And it makes me plan. Because I believe that life happens with a plan. And a little faith.

So – for me, it doesn’t matter if the film is not based on reality and has no hope in hell to happen like that for me. At least, for a little while, I’m on cloud nine and I feel like reaching for the stars. And in all likelihood, I’ll get farther because of the inspiration I felt and the determination that followed. And for me – that’s more than enough.

My Friday night inspiration …


coffee shop movie .       the wedding date movie.jpg